About us

Italy’s historic cementodiluna® monolithic coating is back as a brand-new high performance product, environmentally friendly and beautifully crafted down to the last detail, with unique colours, vibrant textures, uniform surfaces and a bright, vivid and natural appearance.

The operation has been handled by Made Project Italia srl, a young company that has acquired the brand’s sophisticated design, the first seamless cement resin surface to appear on the Italian market, and up-graded it with exclusive, original and innovative technology.


The new cementodiluna® continuous coating is realized with a natural hydraulic lime-based resinous mortar. This versatile material can be hand-troweled over vertical and horizontal surfaces, furnishings, curves and steps, allowing entire areas to be given a seamless finish.

The new cementodiluna® coating is ideal for all environments, from historic villas to contemporary homes, shops, offices and hotels. Its lack of cut lines makes it perfect for environments where visual clarity is key, such as art galleries and museums.

Made Project’s management team members are Tito De Gasperis, Santiago Moriggi e Stefano Renna. Our offices are in Rome (Italy) and Vienna (Austria), all production is carried out 100% in Italy.



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